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WElcome to the feathered nest



The Feathered Nest focuses on bringing your interior design dreams to life, no matter what the budget or scale of your project.

Approachable and committed, my client's needs are at the heart of all I do - from sourcing one off pieces, to creating bespoke and unique looks, my aim is to transform your space and reflect your personality.


Interior design is often seen as an exclusive luxury for the privileged or wealthy. I feel passionately that this wonderfully creative industry should be available to all. Our environment affects us in ways we rarely realise.....good design can change mood, improve efficiency, reduce stress and, not least, inspire!

After several years gaining valuable experience buying and designing in the fashion industry, I decided to follow my heart, take the plunge and re-train in my true love: Interior Design!

I have been passionate about beautiful homes for as long as I can remember. In contrast to an initiation with the romance of the past through childhood trips to old manor houses & thatched holiday cottages, I later became drawn to crisp contemporary architecture and beautifully efficient design. This ignited a passion for the often timeless, yet ever-evolving landscapes within interior design.  Everything in life can be designed to an extent and often seeing something in a new way can change not only the function or manner in which we use a space or item, but can also improve health and bring joy too!

I love nothing better than the juxtaposition of old and new, of clean lines combining with messy texture to provide personality, practicality and a warm heart: the key to many a great home!

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful" - William Morris

My goal is to help transform your space to create the 'nest' of your dreams!